3 deaths in Birmingham, A brother, a son, a friend, a protector.

Mourning: A man uses a handkerchief to wipe his tears as he mourns with others in the city

All this community wanted was to stand strong and protect their own. Not realising that they had signed the death warrants of three of their very own.

How mindless and senseless can a death be? I ask each one of you? Are your Nike trainers worth it? Are your designer clothes worth it? Is the plasma LED 42″ worth it?

Today a community mourns the loss of three of their own who died trying to protect them. Today a friend mourns his friend. Today a mother mourns her sons. Today a father mourns his sons. How do we console them?

Today we mourn three dead brothers, not one, not two, but three.

What do we as a nation learn from this? How do we move on?

When that first stone was thrown. When that first stick was picked up. When that first window was broken. Each of you have a hand in their deaths. You are all responsible, each and every one of you.  It doesn’t mater you were in another street, area, city or town. There are no excuses. No get outs. No nothings.

When a man, a community member runs towards three bodies lying in the street, run over by a speeding car, to help them, and starts to apply CPR. One tap on the shoulder changes everything.

Suddenly he is no longer a community member, a man, a muslim, a brother, in an instant he becomes a mourning father of a dead son. His son lays behind him dead, one of the three.

Even after his loss he stands up in front of the world and shows such dignity. “I blame no one. No politicians, no policemen”

I say you are all to blame.


10 responses to “3 deaths in Birmingham, A brother, a son, a friend, a protector.

  1. These are very dark days my friend, the loss of three young lives is a heartbreaking tragedy no matter what religion, colour or creed and we as a community, as a nation must stand together and support each other as we venture into the unknown, indeed these vile and sickening crimes that we have all watched on our television screens is a violence and aggression against the good and the respectable people of our towns and cities.

    It is undeniably a very great sadness that we have witnessed this most terrible happening…

    Androgoth Xx

    • Iv’e never seen anything like it in my lifetime here in this country… the last time there were riots here were about 30 years ago… long time.. for a nation to forget and to have moved on and then to suddenly be facing it again…

      you are right we do have to stand strong and that was what that community was doing that night and that’s what saddens me the most …

      Thanks Androgoth for your comforting words… need hugs today…

    • Lets hope things calm down now… but I received a text this morning from a friend who said that the police have been in glasgow city center telling stores like house of frazers and zara to remove their display windows… i’m really freaked now..

  2. I would argue over your last sentence. We are all to blame. We have to stand together as a community and shoulder our responsibilities along with every one else. Otherwise, we just end up saying “you did it. Blame him.” which has been the excuse for the greed of these riots in the first place. When, as you say, we effectively say “what can I do to help brother?” instead of “its not my problem” then maybe we can start to build a better society and something good can come of this.

    Here’s hoping…

  3. When I say you are all to blame… i mean these deaths led up from a chain of events … circumstances were created where these people rioted and communities decided to stand up for themselves…

    watching news reports a lot of youngsters are saying we are frustrated and bored… we cant study because we cant afford the uni fees and we can’t find jobs.. it’s no excuse but something is seriously going wrong somewhere…

    so we dig deeper and deeper to find our answers and it always goes to back to politics… and im grinding my teeth here as i say it because i can’t find any other answers…

  4. I admire The father Who showed us how to behave , what to do . The three innocent lives were nipped by a lunatic idiot who had nothing else to do then do these murders…

    Yes he is to be blamed and Why should he not be blamed No one right to take a life and all this done in hatred .. What ever is happening in UK at the moment has got nothing to do with politics its merely MORALITY gone for a six, basic criminality mind. I have been following all this and people have strange ways of blaming this or that…

    There are a lot of reason why this is happeneing No respect for law, Too many human rights, health and safety .. In uk basically the people who work hard and are law abiding have no RIGHTS .. All the rights are for the people who dont give two hoots to the law as such..

    I can go on and on on this .. But maybe on my blog.. I would just like to say may the three rest in peace and God takes care of them NOW.. My regards and respect to the Father who on national TV asked for no revenge and I must Thank him that birmingham has not seen much of this criminality in the last two days.

    The people who looted are not just the ones who are poor , There is a School Assistant, A Social worker who has passed her UNI, A Girl whose father is RICH and Own a company … So its jsut a excuse used by them.. THe problem is they have got used to the FREE stuff, on the DOLE all the time , One of my English friends who hasa wife and two kids , has been working for the last 24 years paying tax and all.. He was recently made redundant and went to social security to register for benefits HE got 10pounds or so A WEEK… Whereas A person who has never worked is getting FREE this Free that … How is this justified ..

    The govt should STOP benefits , or Make these idiots WORK for the benefits ..

    The parents Did the parent ofthe 11year old girl who is charged with THEFT at 2AM in morning did they not know there child is missing … NOT HOME ..

    I do hope the person who killed the kids goes to hell , and WHY should he not… All those who committed the crime should be charged and punished.. they have ruined there life because now with a police record I doubt if they will get a job ..

    • I couldn’t agree more my friend.

      This is the culmination of decades of excuses and the criminal being placed ahead of the victim.

      If I hear one more: ‘He comes from a broken home’ bull I think I’ll puke!!!

      Four people have died because of lawlessness and you can bet the criminal will get better treatment than the victims families.

      God Help Us because the Politically Correct Brigade never will…


    • @bikram… totally agree with you … i was really emotional watching him and his bravery .. in his pain he could have got the whole of the uk to stand up in arms and fight back and cause total war .. but he he told everyone to calm down and go home.. amazing…

      kind of reminded me of chris’ mum (who was killed in a racist attack in glasgow about 7 years ago) who stood up and begged for calmness and no retaliation.. an amazing woman because that was all about race… i will never thank her enough for it… I grew up in that area and knew what the repercussions could be of what had happened…

      I think you are right when you say it’s not about being poor… what disturbs me is the idea that we are living side by side with some very sick people…

      Did you know in Germany (was talking to my mate there the other day about this) they have threatened to stop benefits. First of all they are telling the men to come and find work .. they are using lack of language as an excuse … then they say fine come and learn the lingo (german) and if they come up with another excuse they then say … find send your wife in… they come up with the same excuse she dont speak german.. so they say find send her in to learn the lingo and they say .. well she cant come she has to look after the kids… and the smart germans reply… we have crèche facilities…

      if one of them don’t appear for something the benefits are being stopped… no one is getting away with anything… this govt has a lot to learn from our European counterparts for sure…

      this nation needs to go to work…. my neighbour is an asylumn seeker… and claims everything going and her man works full time they are loaded…. all people have learnt is how to milk the system … nothing else…

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