Think Happy! Be Happy!

I love this story and remember the first time it was ever told to me… I made a decision there and then that I would wake up every morning and think positive and sadly I think I’ve let myself down many times. Many a morning I’ve woken up, groaned and thought ” oh no, not another day!” turned over and gone back to sleep. 

It would be amazing to be able to think like this lady in this beautiful heart warming story and enjoy each day without thinking negative at the start of your day, moaning and groaning about the all the things that are wrong in life and ignoring what’s good. 


The 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud lady, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o’clock, with her hair fashionably coifed and makeup perfectly applied, even though she is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today.

Her husband of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary.
After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, she smiled sweetly when told her room was ready.
As she maneuvered (an action, especially a devious or deceptive one, done to gain advantage) her walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of her tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on her window. “I love it,” she stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new puppy.
“Mrs. Jones, you haven’t seen the room …. just wait.”
“That doesn’t have anything to do with it,” she replied. “Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how the furniture is arranged, it’s how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it. It’s a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have a choice; I can spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty I have with the parts of my body that no longer work, or get out of bed and be thankful for the ones that do. Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open I’ll focus on the new day and all the happy memories I’ve stored away, just for this time in my life.”
She went on to explain, “Old age is like a bank account, you withdraw from what you’ve put in. So, my advice to you would be to deposit a lot of happiness in the bank account of memories Thank you for your part in filling my Memory bank. I am still depositing.”
And with a smile, she said:

“Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.”


27 responses to “Think Happy! Be Happy!

  1. lovely attitude and if it works for her then thats great i think we all have worries its dealing with them and then getting relief when solved that keeps us going lovely space here egors box contains botox lol for when he needs it xxjen

    • hi jenny and welcome to my space… 🙂

      I just find that once one worry is solved another starts.. it’s never ending.. so if anything helps to deal with it then its all good 🙂

  2. The best solution here is not to worry about anything at
    all, of course not everyone can be that perfect…

    A very nice blog with some positive strands of optimism…

    Androgoth Xx

    • Thank you O dark one… no nobody can be and there will always be something that nags us … but if it can help us a little bit.. don’t you think it would be worth it?

      Have nice day.. 😛

  3. we all think that attaining bliss is some very complicated quest or something but YES it is really that simple …
    i love how simply you have penned this…

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