Best way to blog!

I came across this list of tips on how to be successful at blogging and was just wondering how many of these tips are just common sense and how many are an important requirement.

Many of just blog for fun or to pass our time or just to share what we are thinking and feeling. Plus there are those who do it as an occupation on a more professional level.

I don’t really follow any precise rules to blog I just go as I please. Personally I think following all these rules and tips takes the fun out of blogging but thought I’d share this with you guys anyway, you never know, you might find something useful here that you never knew about before. Some of it’s quite funny too. 🙂

  1. Get a .com domain
  2. Don’t get .us domain
  3. Use WordPress
  4. Don’t try to rip people off
  5. Be polite
  6. Write original content
  7. Back-up your blog
  8. Be extra patient
  9. Don’t try to make money
  10. Write in English
  11. Customize your Theme
  12. Use either no-www either www
  13. Update your WordPress version
  14. Create an About page
  15. Have a Privacy Policy page
  16. Comment on other blogs
  17. Don’t write long posts

  18. Blog regularly
  19. Proofread your posts
  20. You don’t have to be a programmer
  21. Learn English
  22. Get on Twitter
  23. Get on Facebook
  24. Respond to e-mails
  25. Use Askimet
  26. Study a lot in the first months
  27. Stop studying and act after that
  28. Make friends with your competitors
  29. Guest post
  30. Guest post some more
  31. Don’t neglect your family and friends
  32. Try out different niches
  33. Blog about something you love
  34. Failing is normal
  35. Don’t do black hat or other stupid things
  36. Don’t be afraid to be yourself
  37. Change your passwords regularly
  38. Network with other bloggers
  39. Invest in a good e-book
  40. Use article marketing
  41. Set goals
  42. Don’t give up
  43. Apply for AdSense
  44. Optimize your ads
  45. Work directly with the advertisers
  46. Write an e-book
  47. Start a contest
  48. Sell your own product/services
  49. Don’t quit your day job unless you know what you are doing
  50. You don’t have to be an expert
  51. Post on relevant forums
  52. Building links never ends
  53. Give credit to your resources
  54. Build an e-mail list
  55. Optimize your titles
  56. Do keyword researches
  57. Use pictures
  58. Use sub-headings
  59. Write compelling titles
  60. Don’t try to pick up girls online
  61. Don’t spam
  62. Don’t lie
  63. Don’t drink vodka before blogging
  64. Interview other bloggers
  65. Practical posts are better than theoretical
  66. You’ll never have enough time
  67. Accept guest posts
  68. Build an Advertising page
  69. Enjoy what you are doing

29 responses to “Best way to blog!

  1. I have been on make money blogging trend for some time and these are really applicable when you’re trying to make money from your blog (although point 9 says otherwise because I guess you mixed it up). All these will help you grow an audience which is must in order to profit from your blog.

    However, a few of these actually apply when it comes to blogging at a personal interest like you and me.

    • point 9 wasn’t mixed up .. lol

      actually if your just a personal blogger number 9 is for you… but you’re obviously doing it for making money…

      for you the list would include other stuff like SEO, keywords and bla bla bla.. its a whole set of tips for u then 😛

  2. I joined WP just to put my thoughts into the so called paper.. Wasn’t much interested in the stats.. But it feels great when people read n like what you’ve written..
    The list you’ve put up is good.. Yeah i agree a few are funny..
    Don drink vodka.. lol.. Now what made them think people do that.. N why only vodka.. N change your password often? God! Am glad i remember one password.. If i keep changing them i would end up forgetting them n wouldn’t have access to my own blog.. 😀
    Its nice when you just keep writing just for the love of it n stats keep increasing as the months pass…
    Hope you are enjoying your day..

    • I was in your position too when i started to blog… I thought it will be great for somewhere to just rant and rave about anything and everything.. but i realised i like being nice 😛

      The vodka thing actually reminds me of uni days when a fellow student wrote a paper while he was drunk… it caused such an uproar because he offended the professor who had set the paper and was marking it..

      I keep a few passwords and no more for everything.. that way u can never forget them.. and then i just rotate them around if i ever need to change one otherwise i forget them too…

      i do write for the love of it.. sometimes a story will develop in my head for a few days and then i put pen to paper… but what I also love doing is posting stuff i have seen and have liked… or has been sent to me via email etc…

      the stats are really a confidence booster and also shows you what kind of people are visiting you.. my niece sometimes post music on here.. she did the cheryl loyd one.. and it drives traffic here like crazy… and she just loves it.. so while she is on holiday I let her do the odd post… I need to make sure she puts her name on it in future..

      Hve a great day.. 🙂

  3. This is a very interesting posting my friend…

    Creating a Space whether it be here in WordPress or in an alternative networking arena is a way of adding a piece of oneself, and so, as many pieces are collectively viewed and exteneded by means of Poetry, Photography, Art, Technical Studies, Diaries and so many alternative themes these experiences are engaged upon and thoroughly enjoyed by a multitude of different people, all with a view of creativity within their own vision of blogging, but also in the wanting to reach out and savour the most wonderful Spaces that are all around us.

    Fame and fortune might well be a part of some peoples agenda, but for me personally I rather enjoy adding to My Gothic Realm and if just one person happens upon my WordPress site and likes one aspect of my Space then that is enough reward for me.

    However after saying that I do like to look at the statistics from time to time as this option is a healthy marker for how one’s site is progressing and whether it requires any tweaking or not…

    Have a wondrously excellent rest of day now my friend

    Androgoth Xx

    • o dark one you are always so right.. and your own space is the perfect example of what you say.. you prove your point over and over again… ive never seen a blog quite like yours… and the fact that you keep it pvt says it all….

      We all love our statistics… at first i never knew they existed… as i was new to the blogging world back in April and accidentally came across them.. i was well chuffed… and still enjoy looking at them and sharing them with friends and family… and the tweaking bit works for me too.. we kind of learn what our readers are liking and what not… and we can then compromise on what we are posting if we want to or not.. 🙂

      Hope your having a fab day… Aneesa

  4. Too much like hard work!!! LoL!!!

    I prefer to do a ‘Dear Diary’, it’s more fun and helps me vent steam on occasion – plus I love reading everyone’s comments and joining in where I have a view!!!

    God Bless!


  5. tired of reading this same bullshits everywhere about driving traffic to blog, well according to my experiences mere few things matter to blogging– be passionate, do good keyword research, build concrete links, post interesting & valuable content, be a great liar (all bloggers are big fat liars), be a thief (steal anything from anywhere you find interesting, polish it & represent it in thy own words & claim it), Askimet sucks– prefer GASP, nothing’s new & original nowadays– everything’s a copy of a copy of a copy, ornamented thy posts with multimedia.

  6. hmmmmm… these justifications wont change the fact your deeds are dishonest and evil… you totally trashed my post and now i might come and return the favour to you… im not in a forgiving mood today 😛

    • lol! Aneesa, calm down lady, i know you know me very well ; stick to the post and lemme bring it back to the life with some complimenting finisher words like every commentors left, usually– wow! what a post, these tips might help me leveraging my blog ;-p

      • you’re a good listener, bachi tu kamyab hai ;-p…is there any recovery option?thought i spilled the water, lol…hm! new is that my net sucks tonight, & original is as i said there’s nothing in nowadays world.

  7. To the point # 9:
    Blogging is dead– if you’re doing it for money– don’t waste thy time & a passion or hobby– keep going on– you’ll own another facebook profile.

    • your net sucking is nothing new… it’s the oldest story between us… 😛

      And is for number 9… some people are very successful at it.. it just takes time and patience… sabbar!!

      No I don’t think there is any recovery now.. you have totally killed it… 😦

      • aye, aye, i confess dear you, but it works fine often.

        as i told you before that life’s too short to wait– am a man who always strive to do miracles, something extraordinary.

        lets bury the dead under 6 feet then ;p

  8. Uh btw blogspot is quite good too. Especially if you are starting a new blog which you are going to run for fun as it provides custom themes… and being a programmer helps a lot 😛 at least that’s what i have seen 😛

  9. The problem with being honest is that it can get you into all sorts of trouble – but having said that, when the roof caved in twelve years ago my tormentors were unable to find closure because I WAS honest and the truth was too dreadful for them to accept until they had violated me in the worst way possible…

    Still left me a paranoid schizophrenic and on meds for life, but then they lacked the guts to kill their victim physically…

    Sorry – bit of bitterness there… 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  10. If you choose to be honest then you need not to be dreadful, fear not the troubles as nothing lasts forever– they’ll get faint slowly and vanish completely sooner or later– and life indeed would be utter dull if there were no such difficulties.uphill circumstances make us humans & teach us how to survive.Honesty is the great policy– always stand on this statement– satisfied conscience is much better than anything else’s, breathing in serenity is wisdom & real prosperity.

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