Rebecca Black’s New Song – My Moment

The Friday singer has returned with another expected flop, a few weeks ago, but after listening to it, it seems like it is 0.00000001% better than her first song ‘Friday’.

Her new song, ‘My Moment’, isn’t as bad as ‘Friday’ but it isn’t exactly a number 1 hit either.

Take a look for your self!


2 responses to “Rebecca Black’s New Song – My Moment

  1. Given the dross that pours out of the ‘official’ record production system of endless boy bands etc. this isn’t all that bad.

    I guess Friday was pretty terrible (let’s be honest here!) but she’s improved and so has the performance, so it looks like she may produce more and better stuff as she goes on.

    Above all we have to remember that she’s still young and a looong way from being an all-time great, but if she gets the right breaks then she’ll have a bright future ahead of her…

    God Bless!


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