Harper Seven Beckham can blame her big brothers for her name

If Victoria Beckham’s new baby daughter grows up hating her name – Harper Seven – it seems she can hold her big brothers at least partly to blame!

Rumour has it that the name Harper was chosen by the Beckham boys in homage to a character from the Disney TV series Wizards of Waverly Place, one of their favourite TV shows.

Apparently David used to read the books from the show to the boys when they were younger, and now they love to watch it on TV. The boys have also visited the show’s set.

The programme – which stars Selena Gomez – centres around three young wizards and their friend Harper Finkle.

Hmm, so that’s a theory for Harper. Shall we move on to Seven now?


4 responses to “Harper Seven Beckham can blame her big brothers for her name

  1. hmm, so in the future she’ll be forever teased by her brothers, saying we’ve named you? Not a good idea methinks. .. (but probably better than Finkle? ) … The mind boggles at the reasoning for Seven. I feel I don’t want to go there, at all. 😉 xPenx

  2. There are many reasons for seven…. it’s known to be a lucky number for them… it’s also the david’s tshirt number on his football shirt…. also it has a very strong meaning in hebrew.. just cant remember what it is lol.. 😛

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