Princess Laila ‘s thoughts (via arabian roses)

A close friend wrote this post on her blog.. it’s actually quotes taken from messages that have been passed between us..
It made me look at myself in a different light and made me realise I am such a wise person at times and very smart! Thanks Sihem. 🙂

Princess Laila 's thoughts "When you trulyy love someone it will be unconditional. The faults are perfection in your eyes and there is no colour creed  or wealth that comes between" (22/08/10) "do you know i think loving someone it'sn't just about loving someone it 's about how they make you feel.That tells you a lot." "beauty is in the eye of the beholder .What is beauty to one might not be to another."(24/08/10) "you need to have a heart and soul to experience feelings" … Read More

via arabian roses


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