Cheryl and Ashley to remarry!

The ink on Ashley Cole‘s divorce only dried nine months ago but the Chelsea star is rumoured to be ready to tie the knot again.

After meeting up at Cheryl’s 28th birthday on Friday night, the showbiz pair reportedly spent most of the weekend together, eating barbecued bangers and discussing their future.

And according to the Daily Mail, that future includes marriage.

If it sounds as though things are moving a bit quick though, here’s something we didn’t know – apparently they’ve been enjoying clandestine get-togethers for months.

A source close to the footballer is quoted as saying: “It was no secret that Cheryl‘s mind was not on The X Factor –Simon Cowell even said as much.

“Ash made it clear to all his friends that he wanted to win Cheryl back and they’ve been properly in touch for the past six months, meeting at his brother Matty’s house.

“They’ve spent so many evenings together, it was all like a covert operation.”

Funny how the stars manage to avoid the paps when they want to.

Anyway, since Ashley’s bid to woo Cheryl appears to have worked, he is now said to be convinced that a second marriage is the way forward.

The Mail claims he told friends: “I’m going to marry Cheryl again, it’s what we both want.”

Needless to say Cheryl is not the first to get back with an ex who cheated on her.. so all the best to her, still find it funny that when these people want to avoid the media, they so tactfully do. 😛


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