Octomum Nadya Suleman hates her babies!

Octomum Nadya Suleman has sensationally claimed she ‘hates’ her babies.

In an interview with InTouch magazine, the mother of FOURTEEN says her youngest children ‘disgust’ her’, and her older ones ‘are animals’.

The single mum tells the mag: ‘I hate the babies, they disgust me. My older six are animals, getting more and more out of control, because I have no time to properly discipline them.’

She goes on to claim that she has considered suicide as she simply cannot cope: ‘The only way I can cope is to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. Sometimes I sit there for hours and even eat my lunch sitting on the toilet floor. Anything to get peace and quiet. Some days I have thought about killing myself. I cannot cope.’

Nadya gave birth to her eight babies – six boys and two girls – in January, 2009. They are the longest surviving octuplets in US history. She had her first child in 2001.

What I remember about one of Nadia’s documentaries was how much she wanted these children. She was artificially inseminated and upon discovering she was expecting the octuplets she choose to go ahead with the pregnancy, even after being advised to have some of them aborted.

Plenty were quick to put her down and turn her into a laughing stock for the decisions that she made. After all she was already had 6 children.

I am sure she is in a really bad place to have made these comments and I wonder how those children are faring in all this. But what keeps going through my mind is after making such public declarations how will her children feel upon hearing this?

Lady you choose to have them at least don’t publicly humiliate them and screw them up even more!


6 responses to “Octomum Nadya Suleman hates her babies!

  1. This is a really difficult thing. This woman has some real issues and needs help. After all, these babies need a chance now that they are here, to be loved and cared for. What is the solution? I don’t know.

    • It comes under the reason for why she had so many children in the first place. Right from the beginning she has had the cameras on her and her children, She let them into her and the kids lives. She made a lot of money from it which she used to bring the kids up. I think either the novelty has worn off or she just can’t cope with it anymore. She definitely does have issues and she does need help. More support and defo some counselling for all of them. Most of all, we can all look to her and learn and understand. That fame and money come at a very sad price.
      I wonder how the kids will grow up and how they will turn out. Her making offensive statements like not liking them is not going to help her or them.

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