I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

I love this song… I think it’s something we can all see ourselves in..


6 responses to “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

  1. No matter what people said about Michael Jackson, I still liked him. I even have a dvd of the music videos, this one included. It’s sad that he’s gone. His one great, amazing complete entertainer. His music legacy will live on forever.

    • i dont really care for celebrities private lives, I look at their work and talent only.. and this guys had the talent… will always love him and like you don’t care what anyone says about him.

      What’s your favourite song of his?

  2. Almost all of his songs are great, just my opinion. Nice thing about these great artists, their albums don’t have fillers. Each and every song in an album can stand by itself… in other words, a winner.

  3. So true… he has had some amazing hits and has always stood strong… and thats what a true artist is… one who can continuously produce a quality of work that has such a high calibre….

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