How do I stop loving you?

How do I stop loving you? How do I say I don’t want to love you no more? Because loving you hurts so bad I can’t take it no more.

How do I wake up every morning and not think of you and wish you the best day ever. How do I stop putting you in all my thoughts. How do I delete you from memory and from every breath I take is just for you. How can I stop time so that my every second, minute, hour isn’t filled with you, your thoughts, your words, your smile, your everything.

How do I stop praying for your well-being and happiness, for no matter where you are and what you are doing. How do I let you walk alone. How do I let you go out into this big bad world without me wishing you the best and praying for your every success in every step you take. How do I learn to walk alone. How do I stop loving you?

How do I tell people I am no longer his, I am no longer loving him. How do I stop loving you?

How do I explain that it’s not you it’s me. How do I tell you that loving you just hurts too much. How do I tell you I don’t want to love you no more. How do I tell you I don’t want to be in love no more.

How do I tell you my expectations of loving you are way higher than yours. How do I tell you I just want you to love me the way I love you. How do I tell you I want you too to love me unconditionally and love me no matter what I do. How do I tell you I want to be your every waking moment, every memory, every breath, every heartbeat.

How do I tell you I don’t want to lie awake at night thinking of you. How do I tell you that I want to sleep now and just dream because my reality is not longer more exciting. How do I tell you I am tired and have no more energy to fight you or the world to love you and to keep you as mine.

How do I tell you that when you don’t love me the way I do you hurt me. How do I tell you the pain is so bad I can’t sleep, eat or function as a normal human. How do I tell you when you are cold and distant my blood turns to ice. How do I tell you I can’t hurt no more. How do I tell you I am dying inside.

How do I tell you I don’t want to love you no more. How do I stop loving you. How do I empty my soul of you. How do I unbreak my heart that you break a thousand times a day. How do I learn to live without loving you.

How do I tell you this pain is so bad I just wanna turn that clock back and walk another path. How do I tell you I want the path where there was no you. How do you I tell you I dont want to love you no more?


24 responses to “How do I stop loving you?

  1. Don’t close the book, just turn the page; you have many potential soul mates and reminiscing about the past only means you’re not happy with the person your with , not because you are without a partner…

  2. and one more thing… Organize as many things as possible in your social diary, the more you have to occupy you, the less time you’ll have to dwell on the past.;)

    • Thanks max for you kind words… you are right keeping busy keeps ones mind busy too.. but how do you get through those dark lonely nights.. when sleep eludes you and there is not end to the night.. morning never seems to come..

  3. It’s simple,don’t stop loving him.I think figuring out ways to stop hating someone is what matters ,but not stopping loving them:) Loving a man or a woman is what keeps our heart ticking and hearing that ticking reminds us that we’re alive and fine.I would say instead : how to add another few minutes to my life clock to come up with better ways to love you the way you deserve.:)

    • hmmmm… you know sihem loving someone is not about changing them.. one changes naturally and because they want to.. but when someone can’t change or wont change and if you love them you will accept this…
      this is about how she can’t cope no more because for her there is no more satisfaction in her relationship she is hurting to much but can’t walk away because she doesn’t just love him, but is in love with him deeply.
      The question is how do you stop loving someone in order to walk away and move on… You can hate them yet still love them but not enough to get out and move on..

  4. As for your piece of writing it’s sooooo beautiful,it ‘s heart touching ,I love it,and savoured every single word of it ,keep it up 🙂

  5. When I fell in your love you made a change in my heart not in that entity called me with its habits ,flaws and attitudes , so do not expect me to be a person I am not for fear to lose your love because i won’t be the same person you loved once.Sihem

  6. I can’t believe that we can hate the man or the woman we fall in love with once upon a time .We can only be healed or set free because ‘I love you ” is a spell that binds us to the man or woman the moment we said .Besides how it is possible to hate someone just because he/she finds another territory to build his happiness.I’m sure breaking up hurts both partners ,the one who made the decision and the other who has to yield to it .It’s not easy to move to a new house ,we always feel homesickness but I believe it’s better to let go of your man or woman when things don’t work,for the sake of sweet moments they shared together.

      • As you said the other day “love is weired”,that’s why we love doing things deliberately,things we know it would hurt the man /woman we love,may be it’s the only way to measure his /her love.The more he/she suffers ,the more it shows he /she deeply loves you .

        • It could be… only we ourselves know whats in our hearts..

          sihem there was someone at the door when you messaged me on fb.. there is nothing wrong.. and I am not being dry.. love you lots 🙂

  7. Now I must say that your article is heart -rending ,I’m sure it’s going to dig painful memories in those who will come across it,may be some tears will run down some lovely faces too.

  8. Aneesa these are some really big questions you just asked, questions i’d like to ponder with you over a cup of coffee instead of through a blog post;)

  9. This is absolutely sikkk lolz… one of the best things youve written so far … enjoyed reading that 🙂 x

  10. Hi, it’s me! Loved your piece so strong and from the heart.
    I am now 72 but about 20 years ago I had a love that I did not want to lose. But he was no good for me. He was unfaithful so many times that I lost count. He said he cared but he did not.
    I did not realise what life was all about and how great it could really be until I walked away. I threw him out..hook, line and sinker! Since then I have met and married a man who is worth 1 million times better than the other one.
    So dear friend , raise your head high , look forward to the future and never look back.
    If all else fails…get a dog or a cat..forever faithful and only ask you to love them.
    love P

    • Dear misswhiplash I am so loving your words of encouragement and what a brave woman you were to find the strength and courage to walk away. Your story gives me inspiration and encouragement. I hope anyone else reading this will see that even though there seems no way out and nothing to move on for that there is light at the end of the tunnel… we can move on and love again.. I promise you I will always raise my head high and walk tall….

  11. i’m fresh from a heartbreak too – and the only thing i have learned is all you can do is accumulate days. try not to think. let yourself feel. cry when you need to. stay busy. accumulate days – because on one of those days you’ll think about it and realize it doesn’t hurt as much as it once did.

    today is that day for me. i hope you get there soon.

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