I love the way you lied

So many promises, so many hopes you gave me, so many dreams we shared, you made me believe it all, I love the way you lied. 

When everyone said get out, I stayed, I gave you the benefit of doubt, I love the way you lied.

You promised to never hurt me, you promised to never leave me, I love the way you lied. 

I look down at my scars and instantly feel that pain again, didn’t you promise me you would die first before anything ever hurt me? You never lied. 

They said another 5 minutes and I would have been with you, the cuts were so deep, just another 5 minutes. Didn’t you say you would always keep me buy your side? I love the way you lied. 

I look at your epitaph, I finger the engraved words “most honest and generous… ” are some of the words there.. I never loved you… I just loved your lies.. I love the way  you lied. 


6 responses to “I love the way you lied

  1. Sometimes we lie to keep the people dear to our heart in our life.It’s easier for us, even if it’s humiliating, to unveil our lie than seeing them slip away from our life,you know diamond are rare and sometimes we have to use all weapons to protect ,but lies is an old weapon that always backfire on its user.As a wise man said,one should never ever lie on non condition”.
    p.s your piece of writing is awsome, I enjoyed reading it,thankssssssssssssssssssss for giving us such great time.

    • thanks sihem… i agree a little white lie is ok to keep the piece or to stop hurting someones feelings.. sometimes we just have to..

      in this story he never lied to her… she is hurt and angry that he has been taken away from her… and is accusing him of lying.. its about her pain and inner turmoil and anger at the tragic loss of him… the hurt and pain is so bad it’s driven her to a failed suicide attempt.. she just wants to be with him in any shape or form..

      this is like a follow on from an earlier post of mines.. “you are my reasons…”

  2. I love this … I love the way u come up with things like this that get to ur heart really quickly … I actually enjoy reading some of the things u post :p x

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