Ashley wants Cheryl back…

While Cheryl Cole is moving onwards and upwards, her cheating ex-hubby Ashley apparently still holds a torch for the Geordie lass.

The News of the World reports that Ashley changed his BlackBerry messenger status to: “I want my wife back!” after it became clear that Chezza was LA-bound.

We had assumed that after the divorce, the Chelsea footballer would be back to his favourite pastime, sexting, but it seems he is still pining for the X Factor judge.

A source told the News of the World: “Ashley still believes Cheryl wants to give him one more chance. He thinks he’ll be able to change her mind.”

Er… we think that ship may well have sailed, Ash.

A friend added: “It has hit Ashley like a ton of bricks that Cheryl is leaving. He’s distraught and has begged her to give him one more go.”

Disappointment surely beckons.

What do you reckon – can Ashley lure Cheryl back to WAGsville? Leave a comment below…|uk|dl2|link4|


23 responses to “Ashley wants Cheryl back…

  1. Hahaha kitni sayani eh tu…. waise u know all guys r da same… no one is any different…. so when a guy says to you.. nehi jaan im not like the rest… mein sab se alag hu… theyr chatting s**t 😛 x

  2. Hahahahahahahah lolzz.. teri kismat wakeyii harab eh fir… 😛 x waise chin up… im sure after reading this sum 1 will definitly say it lolzz x

  3. you know what im thinking? that this is a lesson out there to all girls who think that money and looks are everything and fame too. she had it all and he still cheated on her. just like hugh grant did to mis hurley. think about it.

  4. Hmm yh ur right…. but then its about guys as well innit… dont think they can stikk wid one hmmm x

  5. Haaha yup so truee.. gosh neesa aaaj kal barri tez o gyi eh tu… mere naal reh keh 😛 hai naa xx

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahah lmao… neesa baaz aaaja lolz… waise im ur daughter… must get my akkalness from youu hahaha 😛 x

  7. Hahahah challo wo to geya… but the father ive got now… hes got the brain of shakespeare. :P… u know hu im on about innit hahahah ..x

  8. 😦 he will definitly take this responsibility cus im an achi bachi… i’ll behave :)i think hes got the problem living wid u hahahahah 😛 x

  9. I know mera puttar…. fiqr na kar
    ” shakespeare” samjh jaye ga ek na ek din :)( god knows when ) 😛 x

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