DEATH OF BIN LADEN: Pakistan under pressure to explain Osama’s location

Why is Pakistan being accused of harbouring such an infamous fugitve? When in other countries they live and plan attacks on them? 9/11 and 7/11 are perfect examples of this.

Also in Pakistan because of customs and culture to have a 10 ft wall around your home and windows to be shielded from prying eyes is quite regular. But the media keep hyping this matter up which I find really annoying. Don’t go on about these walls etc when for this country this is an everyday thing. Yes. security is a concern to all citizens living there and this is perfectly normal!

I am of the opinion “you got your guy, now back of” Anything that happens the focus goes back to a country that is already riddled with political and social issues. It’s one of the poorest 3rd world countries and is riddled with debt. Yet whenever America feels the need, it shifts the focus and blame of their terrorist problems on to them.

If you are one of the richest and smartest countries of this day and age. What you doing in Afghanistan when he was meant to be in Pakistan? You yourselves didn’t know where he was or you would have had him years ago.

And why haven’t you thrown other people out to sea? There are plenty that should have been and deserved to have been. Let me tell you why! Because no one has made shrines to anyone and no one would have made a shrine to him. So the question arises why have you thrown him to sea? (I don’t see this as a burial at all!)

While there is no excuse for what Osama Bin Laden did I truly wonder what Americas motives and thoughts are at times and my thoughts keep coming back to world domination. And I make this statement with the fact we never ever saw any proof of their accusations against Saddam Hussain and why they invaded Iraq. Even the British Prime Minister admitted to that war being a mistake.

The Pakistani President Zardari has been it very clear in his statement.. Such baseless speculation may make exciting cable news, but it doesn’t reflect fact.

“Pakistan had as much reason to despise al Qaida as any nation.The war on terrorism is as much Pakistan’s war as it is America’s.” The leader acknowledged bin Laden’s assassination was not a joint operation between his military and the Americans. But he insisted a decade of co-operation and partnership between the countries led to his elimination “as a continuing threat to the civilised world”.

It’s a shame that even after everything Pakistan has done on its fight against terrorism and supported the americans, they are still treated like terrorists themselves. Especially when this country has had its fare share of terrorism to deal with too.


9 responses to “DEATH OF BIN LADEN: Pakistan under pressure to explain Osama’s location

  1. you know what, this is all drama, Usama was killed few years ago.and now US get tired of fighting against rigid Afghan Pathans– they realize that none can beat them and we already lost abundant of our asses, thus why not to save the rest of ;-p

  2. Knew this was gunna happen… put all the blame on pakistanizz why dont you.. flipping prickss !

  3. Well when it comes to Pakistan, one is dealing with a totally different beast.Where the army is separate from the government and vise versa.One hand does not know what the other is doing.From the leader of the country and down the ranken file are a band of corrupt administrators and that’s how amarica wants it.Pakistan is just a puppet of the west who is just doing as they are told by their western master.

  4. No matter what happens… pakistaniz are the best.. and will always be proud to be one ! 😛 xx

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