Royal blushing brides…

As the Royal Wedding takes over the nation and we enjoy another public holiday. I thought I would take the time out and join in on the frenzy myself, after all this day will be marked in history forever…

Speaking of history lets look back at some of our other blushing royal brides…

I’m starting with our most famous one, yes! that’s right! It’s the most famous couple to ever walk the planet earth, Charles and Di!!

Our most famous Royal couple to date... Charles and Di.

The Queen and Prince Philip

The Queen's dress was stunning, shame all her pics are b&w

Fergie and Andrew, she scrubbed up well!!

prince edward and his bride, one of the quietest royal couples that I don't even remember his wife's name 😛

Princcess Anne's first wedding.

Anne's 2nd wedding where the queen never attended.

I wouldn't call her a blushing bride but had to put her in any way! Can't ignore our future queen!! yuk!!

The Beloved Queen Mother (found this as I was browsing, it's a must add)


2 responses to “Royal blushing brides…

  1. I am taking Friday off as it is the wife’s birthday, but I cannot convince anyone at work that I didn’t take the day off to watch the Royal Wedding LOL

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