Beautiful is the forest…

Beautiful is the forest when the day is declining
When subtle fog rises from the mossy ground
And birds gently sing to accompany the silence
Then my chest feels heavy

But height of the forest I can already see
The beloved twilight – had to go
Had to yield already to the cold moon light
Which soon scary breaks upon the treetops

?What rustles behind the bush there?
What moves in the wood all the time?
Who wails from afar undeviating?
What has just moved over there

It’s only my spirit which tried to fool me
Because here’s nothing – just night, just night, just night!

My heart beats wild from the dread that is just dying down
But what was there? Something has moved there again!
Is it maybe the devil himself who takes me away from this dark place?
Who ever it may be – Go away, fiend! Go!

Off, just off, off of here, I fear like a child!
But every tree seems alike – it is a labyrinth
In every corner a derisive laughter resounds
And every look gives me new dread

Silence, yes silence – muted and died away
The rustle, the murmur, no sound rings out anymore
But where am? What am I doing
Here deep in the forest?
Devise the morning, oh would it only come soon
Lost and forgotten – torn from the loved ones
Alone, lost – my will … worn …
But, what shins there in the out land?
A spark breaks through the boughs
The clearing, the clearing not far!
Now I see it, yes I see it and lets
My heart blossom
What light celebration! What glow!
One more look back
Barely believing the eyes
Because as soon as I saw it
The dread was gone
Only peace in the forest


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