My new theme…. Mystique

Ok guys, of those who are regular visitor will notice I’ve changed the theme to my blog. I have come from Greyzd to mystique by Digitalnature and I must say I am impressed.

I had been looking at this theme for a good few days and was seriously thinking about changing until a friend suggested it last night to me as well!

I love the fact that I can customize it to suit me, my moods and my content. The choice of theme options is generous too. As you can see I’ve chosen the sidebar-content-sidebar. This really feels like it’s my own blog and that i’ve built it myself. It’s all about me and what I want.

This is what Digitalnature had to say about their very own theme..

“Packed with six layout options, six color schemes, a spot for you to link to four popular social network profiles, and support for aside, image, and quote post formats, Mystique can meet the needs of many types of blogs. Further customize the design by adding a custom header and background.”

So, yes, I’m definitely sticking to this one for the time being.. hope you all enjoy the new look too.. 😛


7 responses to “My new theme…. Mystique

  1. i wasnt complaining at you.. the problem was that each time i visited you i kept thinking i was on the wrong site.. because it was changed everytime…

    i really like this.. what do u think?

  2. I agree with maxi maxi kasam se its looking gr8… i love it… ( i might visit everyday now ) 😛 xx

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