My top reasons for wanting to live alone..

I don’t have to explain myself to anyone… for instance why my pyjamas are on  inside out or why ive decided not to get washed this morning.  (I’m depressed) 😦 

Oh that means I can cry as much as I want and as loud as I want because there is no one to ask why my eyes are all puffed up and why i look as ugly as hell (not that i ever do!) 😛

Which brings me to not having to look pretty when im home alone. 😛

I can leave the bathroom as messy as I want.  (nothing worse than being called sloppy and lazy) 😦

Don’t need to do the dishes if I don’t want to and no one, and I mean no one, is going to moan about them. 🙂

I can have my meals in any order I want. That means if I want to have my desert first then so be it. I will have a boiled egg at midnight with toast and some cereal.  🙂

The remote is all mines and no arguments about me watching my soaps or just music videos or SKY all day. (I do that when there’s breaking news!) 😛

Don’t need to tell anyone where im going “dressed like that” Also don’t need to tell anyone when im going to be back or call anyone when I decide to stay out late or not come home at all. 🙂 (my favourite one)

I can sleep when I want and wake up when I want. 😛

I can belch and fart as loud as  I want without feeling like a bloated cow.  😛

Don’t have to visit relatives. 😛

Don’t  have to deal with unwanted guests. 😛

The toilet seat will always be down! (and in a rush i will never fall in or wee myself ever again!) 😦

I can stay in the bathroom as long as I want and don’t need to lock the door. 😛

Don’t need to share a bed. 🙂

I can talk on the phone and not have someone making snide remarks on the side about my conversation. 🙂

And most of all I can sit on my blog all day and have no one say ” when are you getting of that thing!”  🙂

Can’t wait to get my own place… 😛


8 responses to “My top reasons for wanting to live alone..

  1. i didn’t read all this long tale above neither i can, merely read the title, and i’ve a reason that why i can’t and wont live alone– my lovely family wont let me 🙂

  2. I have been reading most of your posts for past hour or so and what you write is very amazing, deep stuff. I live alone and you have all that perks but at the same time, I hate having to do dishes, cook my food, and laundry 😦 so enjoy all that while you can.

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