With a little help from my friends…

This is a story that my me and anyone else can write with me… we can make it as funny as we want or break into a poem..  just leave your next part of the story in the comment box.. and lets see where it takes us.. 

She was running so fast through the forest yet she could still hear the heavy footsteps behind her. Suddenly. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned…. 


15 responses to “With a little help from my friends…

  1. Once her head turned slowly behind her, her face dripping with sweat, her heart beating so fast she noticed that these footsteps chasing her were familiar…

  2. It was jonny from next door, his face was red from the exertion of running, in his hand was her pink bunny. She loved that bunny with all heart….

  3. He had this look on his face like as if he was to tear the bunny apart. She thought to herself she had to stop him from doing anything. This bunny meant everything to her, all her childhood memories were attached to this bunny. What could she do escape? Wait and see what happens next or stop dis Max lookalike from destroying all her memories….

  4. She screamed for help but no one came..she knew she had to escape all by herself, no one was going to rescue her, because no one had dared to enter the forest before. It was known as the Haunted Forest. Then suddenly out of the corner of her eye she spotted something lurking about…

    • It was the most beautifull bright orange rabbit she had ever seen. It looked like it was a carrot lover. It left her breathless, she couldn’t take her eyes of it as it swiftly moved in the overgrowth.
      Jonny watched her eyes follow the rabbit and swiftly moved to block her from following it. He held up her beloved pink Bushi and menacingly whispered close to her face with smelling breath. “where is the soup pot?”

  5. She saw a beautiful bright orange rabbit, it looked it had too many carrots for breakfast. Jonny watched her eyes follow the rabbit and swiftly blocked her from going after it.
    He held the pink rabbit up, her gorgeous Bushi, and whispered ” where’s the soup pot”

  6. She said it was in Aneesa’s kitchen as she’s forever cooking.
    He answered back in a rough but yet calm voice “Tell me where you’ve hidden my Wi-fi otherwise dis rabbit’s had it!”

  7. And what she saw was a over whelming shado with big gogely eyes and a voice of two year old saying mommy I will help you

  8. And befor she caould say anything the big bunny removed the head of the costume and to her surprise, it was big billo

  9. the shadow began to laugh “lol” and when she looked carefully she saw it was her bf standing dere laughing sooo much and he goes did i scare you! she approached him and began slapping him (as a joke) he pulled her towards him and gave her a big hug and a passionate kiss on her lips!

  10. but jonny was not ready to give up.. he wanted that bunny soup so badly..he needed that pot… so while they were embraced passionately he sneaked back to the house to find the soup pot… bushi bunny in hand…

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