Sales or illusions of sales…

Do you really think a sale is a sale? Personally i think it’s just greedy retailers finding a clever way to fill their greedy pockets. They are a regular thing in stores all over, but from what i see it’s just shops pulling out old rubbish from back store rooms. They dump it on rails totally unarranged and stick on a “prices slashed” and “big savings ” red signs, and usually its only a few pound less than the original price.

The most popular sales are the ones which happen in Next. There must be something extremely special about a Next sale because people begin queuing up at five in the morning! What person in their right mind would queue up at such a ridiculous time in the morning to buy rubbish from the store’s stockroom? The chances are that if there is anything decent lurking in the rails, the shop’s staff will probably have purchased it in the half an hour they get to shop before the shop opens.  Or the best stuff has gone to the V.I.Ps on the internet who get in via the net and shop a week before the actual sale.

January is definitely the most popular time for a shop to have a sale. Yet to me, January would seem like the worst time to have a sale as people would have spent all their money the previous weeks in the run up to Christmas – as if they want to go and spend more afterwards? The sad thing is they feel the need to because the sales frenzy beckons them, so out comes the credit card and hey ho hey of to the sales we go!

I regret falling victim to January sales in particular because you find out that the skin care set you bought in Boots for £20 as a present for your aunt has now dropped in price to £10. Not only that, we end up buying items we will probably never use or wear just because they have dropped in price and have that four letter word scrawled all over them.

Possibly my biggest bugbear with sales is the nasty little trick that shops like to play on their devoted customers. They place non-sale items in among the sale items knowing full well that customers are going to pick them up in their mad rush without noticing the full price ticket. By the time they get to the tills they have so many items hanging off their arms that they end up buying it anyway.

Members of the public still haven’t realised that shops can whack up a sale sign in their window every time business isn’t looking as good as it usually does. I can’t understand what it is about sales that sends people into an absolute frenzy. People are utterly ruthless if it means they get their hands on what they believe to be a bargain. Even the nicest person can turn into an absolute monster while shopping in a sale; they will hog the rails and huff and puff if you dare to get in their way. God forbid you pick up anything that they have had their beady eye on.

As long as people keep falling head over heels for a sale, whatever time of year it is, the greedy retailers will continue to roll in the money that other people are practically throwing away. People need to realise that they are being made complete fools out of and think twice before being dazzled by the red and white signs.


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