GoDaddy CEO is a shamed elephant hunter…

I couldn’t find the CNN interview so this is the next best thing to it… so here goes.. my rant…

So, the GoDaddy CEO posted a video of himself killing an elephant in Zimbabwe.

Of course, PETA’s up in arms, and he says he did it to draw attention to the plight of people in Africa.

Now, in all fairness, I think that answer is BS. The reason he put up the video is because he thought it was cool – dude shot an elephant! I’m not going to take sides as to whether I think it was cool or not, but come on – tell us why you really put it up there.

Then, though, CNN asks him a particularly stupid question: “If you wanted to highlight the plight of the African people, why didn’t you show video of kids wearing rags?”

Now come on, do you really think that if the GoDaddy CEO put up that video anyone would give a crap? No one would notice, and no one would talk about it.

So, let’s just agree here: GoDaddy CEO, tell us the real reason why you put up the video – it’s because you thought it was awesome. And CNN, get off YOUR high horse, your sensationalizing the video because you can. Instead of cracking on the CEO for not helping Africa, why don’t YOU do more stories about the plight of these people in Zimbabwe instead of wasting time on this non-story!

And the barbaric feast of the poor elephant afterwards… yukkk!!


11 responses to “GoDaddy CEO is a shamed elephant hunter…

  1. Hahahhaha lolzz awww .. chal teri marzii.. lekin fir comment kaun karsiiii 😛 tu cha ker bhi ni kick kar sakdi mennu hahaa 😛 x

  2. Awwww 🙂 hush kar ditti lolz… erm no i wud neva eat an elephant….. tennu mein pagal lagniya lol x

  3. He must think that because he is rich and famous this sort of behaviour is cool. Many hunters do have this persona, that they think they are heroes, when they kill innocent animals. If he was doing it as a favour to villagers he could have mentioned it in the vidoe he posted instead of playing music in the background!

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