Why the F@$K did u delete me???

why did you do it?

Right my other rant of the day is being deleted from Facebook… and I know all of you have been deleted at least once if not a few times.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind being deleted, I just want to know why.

How rude is that? When u discover someone has deleted or blocked you? And when you try to find out why they quickly add you back or there is a stony wall of silence. You never get a proper genuine excuse, like I don’t wanna be mates no more, I think your boring or you’re a bitch. Nothing! Even one of these excuse would suffice 😦

And what about those who seem to have a hobby of adding and deleting you? I am like what the hell!!! Make up your mind you either want me or you don’t!!

Now some just delete you over the slightest thing that they don’t agree with then they beg u to add them back because they claim they made a mistake. The truth being they got so mad, they in a rage did the best thing they could next to smashing the computer screen in, they delete you.

I have to say being deleted like this really annoys me, in fact it annoys me so much I add them just to delete them myself and let them know how it feels.

Now im thinking, if I get deleted like this quite often I must make a lot of people really mad!! Does that mean I have to change my ways, hell no!!

Now my best mate does this to me all the time and the last time we made an agreement and swore on our parents lives that we would never ever delete each other again and if it happened we would never come back to each other, enough is enough! Sadly yesterday my dear friend deleted me again.

Now the dilemma is do I add them back? They said it was an accident and they never meant it. But what about the vow we took?

I really hate Facebook!!!


12 responses to “Why the F@$K did u delete me???

  1. Well, being deleted is not a good feeling, your right but I must say it is a quick way of releasing some negative energy.unfortunately the one who is being deleted becomes a innocent bystander :(…….while the one who did the deleting gets to rid some anger at the expense of the deleted.Not all deletes are personal, it may just be a endresult of some personal frustrations in ones life and the deleted may not have anything to do withe that persons frustration……so in conclusion I do agree that deleting a friend without reason is wrong and rude but in the end we are all human prone to make mistakes:(((

    • recently ive been feeling that when this deletion happens, its like, what a flippin waste of time! After all that time getting to know someone and investing all that time in this friendship/relationship its gone! kaput! vanished! just by the click of a button.
      It makes you realise just how vulnerable net dostiya are.

  2. “Deletion” is delicious ,I love it ! actually I do it all the time .Hey! we ‘re in a virtal world as some people call it,personally I don’t like the term because people here are real ,they are flesh and blood ,that’s why we delete them,it’s the ony means we can afford to show our anger at them. In real world ,friends fight right? So do they in this amazing world,Facebook;we fight,we argue,we scream,I know you would say hey! people can’t scream on facebook,they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.We smile on our friends’ jokes,we admire their hot pictures,we cry when they hurt us ,we fall in their love ,we feel grieved when they’re not feeling okay But we also delete them ,when we ‘re upset sooo upset with them.You might ask me how can you delete them if you appreciate them,truly care for them.I would say it’s in the same way a woman slaps the man she truly loves.And it’s the same way we try to fix things when they fall apart;a lover would go to a flower shop ,gets his beloved a bouquet of flowers then goes and knocks her door ,an amazing bunch of flowers in his hand and a love poem in his heart,some of use do that too after deletion,I do that ,I would stand at my friend Facebook front door step with a new friend request ,and a long apology poem,I would even fall on my knees and ask forgiveness.Diamonds are so expensive ,and my friends are diamonds ,they’re so dear to my heart,I love them,I love everything about them,I DO respect them,and deleting them doesn’t mean I don’t,deletion is anger and we get angry only at the people we care for .

    • wow sihem that was beautifull… i smiled all the way through it especially the end.. you are a diamond and always will be!

      facebook is a world of its own.. with its own rules, regulations and culture. we can either follow it or break the rules and sometimes its fun and sometimes it hurts like hell.

  3. I agreed to all above at some extent. Deletion repeatedly is quite annoying its a childish attitude. That one hasn’t got a lolypop. And same thing goes for partially blocking its a joke as well. I try not pay much attention. For me one want to delete me I wouldn’t give a Fxxk. At the end of day people come and go its quite simple. Sometimes its difficult to forget or forgive people that we get use to.

    I do apologize if my comments offends anyone….. It was my opinion based on reading all above so I tried not write to much.

    • you are so write mr simply in love (love the name by the way) and what you’re saying is so true… but dont u think that when u invest so much time into someone that deletion such a let down. as time has gone on i feel that my god i just invested a year etc into that person and they have no respect for what we have built up. its such a let down!

  4. Thanks for liking ma name, I strongly believe its difficult to find human beings or perhaps good ones by nature. Unless one has a pure heart and had fear of God. And he or she will have to answer to his Lord one day who ever his or her believes are.

    You know carbon is dangerous to health and also death. Also some of em we wear them as diamond some we just burn to keep ourselves warm.

    • i just think if you are going to connect with someone you will weather they are good or not.. but i see your point.. when we dont have the fear of god in our hearts how can we be the decent humans that we are meant to be..

      as for carban … this is a cold country 😛

  5. i totally agree it is rather annoying wen sum1 deletes u
    wen u search for dem dey dont appear on ur screen!!!!!!
    why do ppl do dat sooo annoying UFFFFFF!

  6. Um, Facebook is all right. It’s us — the silly people — who make things worse. I know how it feels to get deleted. If I get deleted by my friends, I’d probably ask them why they deleted me in a rather friendly way. No hard feelings. It’s just a virtual world. I take it lightly.

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