My fb password? no way!

its private thats why its called a "password!"

Ok all of you who have a facebook will know it requires password… as most things do.

Now I love my fb, I practically live on it so as u can imagine it has everything on it. I talk to my friends and family here and make more friends all the time and find new relatives all the time too. I make random friends too, i’ve flirted, wound people up and had a few barneys aswell.

So with all that going on it’s like a 2nd life. So tell me.. would you share your life with just anyone? air all your dirty laundry to anyone and everyone? No you wouldn’t unless you don’t give a damn about the people around you. So why would u share your 2nd life (your fb  life) with just anyone?

It holds everything about you.  This is where I share my most inner thoughts with my closest mates. This is where I chat to my far away friends and relatives about anything and everything. I see their private photos and they see mines. This is where I might send the odd nasty message to a friend who has mega pissed me off and here is where I even do a bit of mixing to have some fun too.

So why do people think its ok to demand your password so they can look into your private sanctuary, your in box!!

Now my in box is a literally a box full of memories. From the first time i came on facebook to present time. It’s so sweet reading those messages back to how I first met someone here or found them and how our relationship progressed. It’s like a step back in time.

Then there is my sister who, while having unlimited texts and minutes still seems to find it easier to write me her essay life stories to my in box. She complains, cries and shares her sorrows and happiness in my in box. For her my in box is her sanctuary where she can talk about anything and everything and her understanding sister will respond appropriately to keep her feeling good about herself. (and i do)

So why! o why! is that when someone says gimme your password I want to check something or lemme see what goes in your facebook can’t they understand that no means no. That no you can’t have it, no its private that’s why it has a password and no I’m not trying to hide something, I’m just trying to protect the privacy of my dear family and friends. because I assure you if I find out that someone else other than them are using their facebook I’d be very upset!

Now my next issue is what will you gain by looking into someone elses most private world? I assure you, you wont find anything you like. Your green-eyed monster will probably definitely pop up when you see them having more fun than  you. They have more friends than you and they have more admirers than you. So tell me will it be worth it?

Then again you will be so bored that you will wonder why you even bothered!!

Here is where the saying ignorance is bliss!! What you wont know wont eat at your brain and mind day and night. Best thing to do? just trust the person and stop being so dam insecure!


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