the quotes we all love to read!!

No one is perfect so dont expect me to be so either…

To wither and dither… water your aspirations… dont let them die..

I have heroes, true heroes.
I try to give a good first impression.
For there is one chance to do that.
I love to laugh.
Im really not funny, but i try.
Anyone could make me smile or laugh.
Like me or Hate me…
I’m not going to change me.. for you.
I am me. Thats it.
I forgive, but Don’t forget.
I tend to trust people that i shouldn’t.
But i’ve learnt and you need to prove to me i can trust you.
The Great Pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do. I always beleive as Arasto said for every hard word think positve it can be done.
I value my family and those who are REAL.
I have Loved.Lost.and Learned.
I’d prefer to die standing than to live a lifetime on my
I do what ever my heart tell me to do.
I do not follow rules i made them to follow me


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