2 year old somoking 40 a day!!

Ok i dont know where to begin on this video.. a 2 year child smoking 40 fags a day!!

To start with how can a father insist his son is healthy? i mean just look at the bloody size of him!!! does he look healthy to you?

This brings many topics into discussion and totally lost as to where to begin, so im just going to rant best i can.

If mr indonesia your child is healthy today (accordingto you) will he be healthy tomorrow? Because we all know that smokers become ill later in life, not straight away! If someone starts smoking in their early teens we know the repurcussions of this.. but what about a child who starts at the age of 2!

We know the risks and effects of passive smoking too so this wont be healthy for long i assure you if he is smoking at the age of 2!!! argh it makes me so mad!!!

And how does he afford to pay for this habit? Did anyone notice the child has no clothes on.. mind you not many of them did! So for a family not to have money for clothes or a proper house etc.. they have enough money for their child to smoke 40 fags a day! and keep in mind the father smokes too.. oh and he looks so dam proud .. unbelievable!!!!

So my questions is .. could the video be fake?

But how do we or his father justify this, how can a child be smoking like this.. and what hope is there for the rest of them?

Mind you he does look so cute 😉


6 responses to “2 year old somoking 40 a day!!

  1. A week ago,my sister -in-law gave me a tip “Sihem,be careful,never marry a smoker” ,of course she said that in our Tunisian dialect ,I looked at her then looked back at the book I was reading, wondering “was this a tip or a trick?Look around you,looking for a man who doesn’t smoke is like looking for a neddle in a haystack ,all men are turned into human chimney that seeing a man who is not holding a cigarette becomes something weired .Women too embraced this habit ,which is so sad,because woman is supposed to eat chocolate not to eat nicotine patch.She’s supposed to smell like daisy flowers not like chimney fumes.Woman must know that a cigarette will steal her satin touch,flower-smelling perfume and her spring days.The same things can be said about man,I know man don’t fear to lose their flower-smelling perfume ,but I’m sure they will fear to lose their real essence of being a male ,for I read once when collecting some information to prepare a lesson i was to teach about the drawbacks of smoking,that there is a link between smoking and male impotence.Cigarettes is an enemy in disguise ,they’re killing their foes in silence,I remember my brother ,when he was intern telling us every night a new story, scary stories about a heavy smoker who lost his leg,the most terrible one was that a man was screaming seeing his leg eaten away by worms,I don’t hate smokers ,but I hate what they’re doing to themselves,they have no RIGHT to do that,they HAVE NO RIGHT to harm themselves because by harming themselves they’re harming their beloved ones ,I feel so sad ,when I hear my twin brother caughing i feel like arrows are shredding my heart,I succeeded in making my father quit smoking ,it’s my great achievement ,and i’m going to make my brother quit it too,he’s so stubborn ,but i will do it.I hope every one will set his /her mind and his /her heart to help their beloved to kick out this habit before they kick the bucket !loving words,geniune care are stronger than the power of a cigarette right!

    • sihem what you say is so true.. you know they harm themselves… its like a suicide and they dont care that if their health suffers those who are dependant on them suffer too.
      but another thing which i wanted to point, and i mentioned this briefly in my blog was the effects of passive smoking. Its just as detrimental, and those around feel the withdrawl symptoms too.
      and the cost of these things has gone up and up! here a packet now costs £7 that is the cost of one family meal a day! Unbelievable.
      I wish you every success in helping your brother quit and make sure you show him all the effects smoking and passive smoking has on everyone, not just himself!!

  2. If the serious health concerns don’t bother smokers, consider this: Smokers stink. In general, their clothes smell rather foul, and their breath is nowhere near approachable. You’re going to have a real hard time attracting and keeping a mate if you smoke……Smoking only costs a mere $40 a week for most people… I mean sure, you could save that $40 a week for the next 2.5 years and have $5200 saved up for a car or down payment for your new home or whatever, but if you feel the $5200 would be better spent on making your teeth discolored and your breath stink… eh, your loss.

    Have fun with that!

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